Better Beyond 50 Holistic Health Coaching

Melissa Koerner is a Nutrition, Fitness and Integrative Medicine Health Coach and the founder of Better Beyond 50, a holistic plan for natural and sustainable weight loss for women.  She is certified through the Academy for Integrative Medicine, the Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute, the Metabolic Typing Institute, and the National Academy for Sports Medicine.  Over the last 10+ years Melissa has helped hundreds of women increase their energy levels, improve their sleep quality and achieve their goal weight, losing anywhere from 10 pounds to more than 60 pounds.

A program and community like no other, Better Beyond 50 provides women with a practical lifestyle plan and support system that uses the latest integrative medicine tools to help you get to the underlying root cause of your health and weight issues and reset your body, so you can naturally gain more energy, have restful sleep and let go of fat safely, easily and permanently.