The simple, holistic 4-step plan you need to reduce inflammation, so you can heal your gut, strengthen your bones & joints and eliminate belly fat naturally.

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What our BB50 Members are saying...

Kara O'Connell

"My results have been huge!  My blood pressure went down to 112/70—that's the best it's been in years.  I'm down 15 pounds, my brain fog is gone, I don't take medication anymore  for heartburn and my sleep is super—I wake up rested and I don't need caffeine."

~ Age 48, Sales Executive

Sandy Boe-McColm

"My life has been completely transformed!  I've lost 60 pounds and 25 inches overall.  (I can now wear jeans without an elastic in the waist.  For me this was huge!)  My blood pressure has improved, my Diabetes is under control, my blood sugars are running below 120, and I'm off my medications.  I haven't reached my end goals yet but I am well on my way through this journey to living a quality life like I never have before!"

~ Age 59, Billing Specialist


Shelly Hill

"I've lost 12 pounds, I'm off all my medications (with my doctor's approval), my knee pain and digestive problems are gone, and I have more energy to enjoy attending my daughter's sporting events and doing home improvements."

~ Age 53, Certified Registered Nurse

Jeani Rademacher

[UPDATED] "I'm off all medications (with my doctor's approval, I've lost 15 pounds (without trying), my bone density increased, my hair and nails are stronger and shinier, my digestive and skin problems are gone, I have more energy, I no longer have aches and pains—I feel like a new woman!"

~ Age 57, Self-Employed

Pat Maurice

"I've gone down two pants sizes, I've lost about 40 pounds (and it wasn't that difficult), it's much easier for me to get around, I have much more energy—the only problem I have is that I've been doing this for so long now I've forgotten how I used to feel."

~ Age 59, Senior Account Representative

Liz Cryan

"I feel more energetic, I sleep better, I'm able to keep up with the demands of work, my blood pressure is lower and I'm wearing dresses and jeans in a smaller size—at 51, I feel better than I did in my 40's."

~ Age 51, HR Professional


Pam Johns

"I lost 15 pounds and 2 inches off my neck, which has improved my sleep apnea so I'm sleeping better (I lost 10 inches overall), I'm off one blood pressure medication (and weaning off the other), I have more energy, my skin is softer, and I feel better about how I'm taking care of myself!"

~ Age 52, Operational Manager

Susan Murtagh

"My sleep is better than it ever has been, I don't crave chocolate anymore, I have better energy and skin, I've lost 11 pounds and I'm down a pants size."

~ Age 57, CPA/CFO


Barbara Simpson

"I don't have sugar cravings anymore, I'm sleeping better, I have more energy—I feel a lot better about myself and the choices I'm making."

~ Age 62, Nurse/IT Director

Maureen O'Donnell

"I'm motivated to exercise, I have a lot more energy, my skin is much softer, I'm sleeping through the night, I no longer have night sweats, I've lost 15 pounds and two inches off my waist and hips."

~ Age 57, Non-Profit Director

Discover the 4 biggest MYTHS...

about belly fat, bone health, arthritis and cholesterol that are keeping you sick, fat and tired after 50.

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