I want to tell you about one of my clients, Pam Johns, who is the Better Beyond 50 Member of the Month.

When I first met Pam, she was concerned about her weight, her blood pressure, her low energy levels and her chronic aches and pains.

And her biggest challenge was this:  Whenever she would start to focus on taking care of herself—by eating better and getting more physical activity—some life issue would come up and she’d ALWAYS fall back into her old habits.

Like so many other women, she’d let other people’s wellbeing come before taking care of herself.

And as a result, she could feel her health declining—she was taking more meds and the constant stress she was under led to frequent digestive problems, poor sleep, an achy body and sheer exhaustion.

But at the age of 52, Pam realized it was time that she break this unhealthy pattern of getting lost in the shuffle of taking care of others and start putting herself first so she could make the lifestyle changes necessary to get healthy.

And after only a few months of working together, Pam is finally on track to getting her life back again.

In fact, after her most recent visit to the doctor she was so excited about her progress that she posted this message in our members-only support group:

Pam Johns weight loss

Now before working with me, Pam had tried everything—she did Weight Watchers and a few other diets, she joined Curves, she took various supplements, but none of these efforts made her feel any better.

It wasn’t until she took my common sense approach, and made LIFESTYLE changes that she saw the results she wanted.

And while she admits that she’s not perfect all the time and that she still has “a ways to go,” almost a year after finding Better Beyond 50, she’s still on track and feeling better than ever.

And it’s times when she’s doing day-to-day activities, like spending time in her garden, that she realizes just how far she’s come in a short period of time.

Here’s what she posted in our private support community just over a week ago:

Pam Johns Garden weight loss

As much as I adore Pam, and I believe she is truly a special lady, she doesn’t have anything that you don’t have to be successful.

Her biggest asset to achieving success was her DECISION to start making her needs a priority and let go of feeling guilty about it.  That’s it!

And she came to this clear decision because she realized that if she kept putting herself on the back burner it would “cost” her on many levels—her energy levels, her peace of mind, her joy in life, her career effectiveness, and her physical and mental strength—would all be sacrificed.

She knew she was ultimately shortening her lifespan by continuing down the path she was on.  And that meant robbing her of the vitality she needs to enjoy some of her greatest passions like growing healthy foods in her garden, participating in church functions and playing with her grandchildren.

As we enter spring, and you’re gearing up to get outside and be more active, it’s the perfect time to focus on your goals to lose weight, be more fit and feel better all around.

If you’re like Pam and you’ve been struggling to get your health on track and your biggest obstacle has been putting yourself first, I can help you with my Holistic Health Coaching.

Imagine… by summertime you could be fitting into a smaller pants size, sleeping at least one hour more per night, getting rid of your insatiable sweet cravings, reducing your chronic aches and pains and having more energy than you did in your forties.

With me by your side, you’ll get the right plan, guidance, support and accountability you need to achieve your health goals much easier and faster.

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I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Melissa

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