Is Grass-Fed Meat Really Healthier with Joey Jones
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I didn’t actually call myself a vegetarian, but there was a time in my life when I refused to eat meat.

It wasn’t because I thought it was bad for me or because I think eating animals is wrong.

I just thought it was GROSS!

I remember once when I was about 10 years old I went camping with my aunt, and even though she knew I didn’t like to eat meat, she pressured me to eat a hamburger.

“What’s wrong with you? All kids like hamburgers! You better eat it because there’s nothing else to eat for dinner tonight,” she said.

I really didn’t want to, but I took one bite and I spit it right back out.

The taste, the texture, the smell…

It all just made me feel sick.

And this experience only solidified my commitment to AVOID meat.

It wasn’t until about 10 years ago when I met one of my mentors, Holistic Health Practioner and Educator, Paul Chek, that my aversion to meat (especially beef) made sense.

From Paul, I learned that there’s a world of difference between factory-farmed meat (the kind you find at most large chain grocery stores—the kind that everyone around me ate) and pastured-meat.

Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

There are all kinds of horrific things that happen to the animals raised on large-scale factory farms.

The truth is, factory farms care more about making money and producing lots of products than they do about raising healthy animals.

Cows on factory farms are often fed a diet of corn and grain, which is NOT what they’re supposed to eat.

And in some cases, cows are even fed cardboard, newspaper, sawdust, sewage and industrial oils to reduce costs and to fatten them up. (I know, it’s AWFUL!)

And to make matters worse, many factory-raised animals never see the light of day because they’re confined to large barns, only to roam around in their own feces.

In the end, these unhealthy farming practices create unhealthy animals.

And when you eat unhealthy animals, you compromise your own health.

Consider that 99% of farm animals in the U.S. are raised on factory farms.

So unless you’re making a conscious effort to seek out better quality meat you’re probably eating very sick animals.

Now, you might be saying, “well, now that I know this I never want to eat meat again!”

But cutting out all meat from your diet is NOT a good idea.

Because meat is essential to good health.

So what’s the solution?

The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to buy grass-fed or pastured animal products.

Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference!

I’ll never forget when I tried grass-fed beef for the first time by the suggestion of a friend several years ago.

It was a grass-fed pot roast, and I absolutely LOVED it!

I think intuitively I knew the meat I was exposed to as a kid was NOT good for me and my body just rejected it.

And now that I know how beef is supposed to taste, it’s a part of my weekly meals.

Because I care about your and your family’s health and I want to help you make the most informed decisions about the meat you eat, I invited grass farming expert, Joey Jones, to the Better Beyond 50 podcast to share his expertise with you.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

* The dangerous effects of cutting animal fat from your diet.

* Why you NEVER want to eat grain-fed animals.

* The 3 essential nutrients you LOSE when you eat grain-fed meat.

* The taste and texture differences between grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef.

* The best places to buy quality grass-fed meat. (One option is US Wellness Meats.)

You’ll leave this interview with a simple plan of action to make sure that you’re buying the healthiest meat for you and your family. 

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I really hope enjoy today’s episode. Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think!

~ Melissa

Joey Jones’ Professional Bio

Joey Jones has been involved in the grass-fed beef market for over 18 years. He created the in 2010—an online resource that brings together experts from around the world and delivers ongoing monthly trainings for livestock producers to improve the way they raise animals on grass.

Joey’s passion for sustainable agriculture first began when he and his wife started one of the first organic co-ops in Houston Texas in 1997. That is when he had his first taste of grass fed and finished beef, along with other local, organic, sustainably grown foods. That eventually led to having acreage to produce meat and dairy for his family and to sell.

Joey is also the President of his family business Rockin’ Double J Consulting, a business consulting, coaching and marketing company, dedicated to helping businesses grow revenue and profits through increased efficiencies and effective marketing. He specializes in small to medium sized businesses and has helped Ag businesses to restaurants increase revenue by 20+%. His business consulting includes expertise in web development, including web and mobile site design, online marketing strategies, text message marketing through a sister company,, and customized business coaching. Each client’s needs are unique, so business coaching and services are customized for each individual business owner.

Joey now lives in Cedar Park, Texas with his wife and their four children.