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My Clients Are a Lot Like You…

They want to be good role models to their children and grandchildren and be examples of what it means to live a happy and healthy life. They want to be able to keep up with their families when they do physical activities and go on family trips. They want to enjoy an active retirement with their husbands and be able to do many of the things they used to be able to do easily—like gardening in their backyards for several hours or playing golf or tennis with their girlfriends—without feeling winded, tired or achy. They want to go to the doctor’s office and hear the doctor say, “you’re the picture of good health—your numbers couldn’t be better!”

Like You, They Used to…

Live in constant fear that their illnesses like cancer would come back or that they’d never be able to reverse their other health conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chronic aches and pains—they feared they would always suffer from health problems like their parents because they thought they were hereditary.

They used to be stressed out and exhausted after going through a nasty divorce and feared they’d never have the energy and strength to get their life back on track. They were scared that they couldn’t make it on their own.

They used to struggle with their weight and self-image. Getting dressed and looking in the mirror every day was stressful because nothing fit right and they felt disgusted with the reflection staring back at them. They were uncomfortable in their clothes and disappointed in themselves and ashamed for letting things get so out of hand.

They used to feel tired of feeling sick and tired. They had constant cravings for sugar, regular hot flashes and were waking up multiple times with night sweats. And they were taking medications they really didn’t want to be on. They basically felt like a mess inside and out!

They used to constantly feel guilty about their poor food choices and their lack of discipline to exercise. They were frustrated because no matter what they did, nothing seemed to work—they had not been successful with anything they’d tried. They would be diligent for a few weeks and then something in their lives would pull them off track and they would go back to their old habits.

They used to think it was too late to turn things around and feel better, and they wished that they had made changes earlier on in their lives. They were also scared they wouldn’t be successful because they’d failed so many times before.

They used to fear if they didn’t make changes now, they wouldn’t be around to see their grandchildren grow up, get married and start their own families. And they knew their grandchildren would miss out too because they wouldn’t be here to be a part of their lives.

Their friends and doctors used to blame their health problems on their age (as an excuse), but they knew that wasn’t right, and they refused to buy into that notion. They were at a point in their lives where they knew it was time to take control of their actions and how they felt. And they knew what to do, but they hadn’t been able to pull it all together.

Then They Found a Way to Change…

They realized that it is never too late to turn things around, and with my Nutrition and Fitness Coaching, they have gained the motivation, strength and confidence they need to feel healthy and happy with themselves once again.

By taking a holistic approach to their wellness—addressing how they eat, exercise, sleep and manage their stress—they are able to heal their bodies naturally and bring it back into balance.

All they needed was a clear vision of the woman they want to be and a customized nutrition, lifestyle & fitness plan with simple action steps to help them get there.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s how some of my clients have created healthier, happier lives by using my unique holistic approach…

Kara O’Connell – “My results have been huge! My blood pressure went down to 112/70—that’s the best it’s been in years. I’m down 15 pounds, my brain fog is gone, I don’t take medication anymore for heartburn, and my sleep is super—I wake up rested and I don’t need caffeine.” ~ Age 48, Sales Executive

Pam Johns – “I lost 15 pounds and 2 inches off my neck, which has improved my sleep apnea so I’m sleeping better (I lost 10 inches overall), I’m off one blood pressure medication (and weaning off the other), I have more energy, my skin is softer, and I feel better about how I’m taking care of myself!”  ~ Age 52, Bank Manager

Shelly Hill – “I’ve lost 21 pounds, I’m off all medications (with her doctor’s approval), my knee pain and digestive problems are gone, and I have more energy to enjoy attending my daughter’s sporting events and doing home improvements.”  ~ Age 53, Certified Registered Nurse


Liz Cryan – “I feel more energetic, I sleep better, I’m able to keep up with the demands of work, my blood pressure is lower and I’m wearing dresses and jeans in a smaller size—at 51, I feel better than I did in my 40’s.”  ~ Age 51, HR Professional


Jeani Rademacher – “I’m off all medications (with her doctor’s approval), I’ve lost 11 pounds (without trying), my bone density increased, my hair and nails are stronger and shinier, my digestive and skin problems are gone, I have more energy, I no longer have aches and pains—I feel like a new woman!”  ~ Age 57, Self-Employed


Susan Murtagh – “My sleep is better than it ever has been, I don’t crave chocolate anymore, I have better energy and skin, I’ve lost 11 pounds and I’m down a pants size.”  ~ Age 57, CPA/CFO


Maureen O’Donnell – “I’m motivated to exercise, I have a lot more energy, my skin is much softer, I’m sleeping through the night, I no longer have night sweats, and I’ve lost 15 pounds and two inches off my waist and hips.”  ~ Age 57, Non-Profit Director


Pat Maurice – “I’ve gone down two pants sizes, I’ve lost about 40 pounds (and it wasn’t that difficult), it’s much easier for me to get around, I have much more energy—the only problem I have is that I’ve been doing this for so long now I’ve forgotten how I used to feel.”  ~ Age 59, Senior Account Representative


Barbara Simpson – “I don’t have sugar cravings anymore, I’m sleeping better, I have more energy—I feel a lot better about myself and the choices I’m making.”  ~ Age 62, Nurse/IT Director

Now I Want to Share This Opportunity with You…

If these women can do it, you certainly can too!  And I really want you to look and feel the best you ever have.

To learn more about how I can help you, all you need to do is sign up for a complimentary phone consultation.  But, since I only have a limited number of private coaching spots, I urge you to contact me as soon as possible to reserve your spot today.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle so you can pass it on to your children and grandchildren, and live a long, happy life with your family.

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