Is Raw Milk Healthy or Dangerous? with Mark McAfee
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A few weeks ago something unexpected happened.

On Monday, May 16th Chris and I went to look at a potential home to buy a few towns over from where we live.

And four days later we signed the purchase and sales!

Yup! We’re moving out of our condo and into our very own home. FINALLY.

And that means we no longer have to share walls with our neighbors. (We could actually hear our former neighbors having sex—all the time—that’s how thin the walls are here.)

Anyway, with plans to move we’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and packing. Ugh!!

Last week, while I was packing up some books, I came across an old diet book that I swore by. Do you remember this one? The South Beach Diet.

I actually followed this diet very strictly when it first became popular, but it didn’t help me lose any weight like I had hoped it would. (In fact, I gained weight and I was hungry all the time).

So I noticed a yellow piece of lined paper with some notes that I had taken when I first read the book.

Here’s what I had written down: “eating too much saturated fat can lead to heart attacks… only eat low-fat dairy products.”

I smiled when I read that because I now know that this is completely WRONG.

As I continued packing up my books, I came across another book called The Raw Truth, and I just happened to open up to a part in the book that talks about dairy.

The author basically says that the best kind of dairy products you can eat are raw, FULL-FAT dairy products that come from grass-fed cows.

On the same bookshelf, I have two different books saying two completely different things about dairy.

And the first one didn’t saying anything about the quality of the dairy—where it came from or how it was processed. It just said “buy low-fat” to avoid the “artery-clogging saturated fats.”

With so much conflicting nutrition information out there, it’s no wonder people are confused about which foods to eat and which ones to avoid.

I’ve personally done A LOT of research on the topic of dairy, and when you remove food politics and personal agenda out of the equation, the answer is pretty clear.

To help you become more educated about the dairy products you’re buying, I invited Mark McAfee, one of the largest grass fed, organic, raw milk producers in the U.S., to the Better Beyond 50 podcast.

And boy did he have a lot to say about this topic! His passion was super contagious.

Here’s what you’ll discover about dairy in this episode:

* The dangerous health effects of drinking pasteurized and homogenized milk. (The kind of milk that you buy at large chain grocery stores.)

* Why soy milk and rice milk are NOT healthy alternatives to cow’s milk.

* Why pasteurized milk is highly processed, “dirty” milk. (There are big differences in cleanliness between milk intended for pasteurization and raw milk production.)

* The REAL reason why the FDA is against the selling of raw milk. (It’s NOT really about your safety like they claim.)

* What scientific studies show about the amazing healing powers that drinking raw milk has on your gut and immune health.

You’ll leave this interview knowing EXACTLY which dairy products are the best ones to buy for you and your family.

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I really hope enjoy today’s episode. Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think!

~ Melissa

To learn more the health benefits of raw milk go here:

Mark McAfee’s Professional Bio

Born in 1961, Mark McAfee is the CEO and Founder of Organic Pastures Dairy Company near Fresno CA. He founded the company in 2000 to produce grass fed organic raw milk for the consumers of CA. The company now delivers the products on 22 of its own trucks, to more than 650 CA retail stores, 15 farmers markets and 50 buyers clubs per week where they are purchased by tens of thousands of delighted healthy Californians. Organic Pastures Dairy is the 4th ranked natural milk brand in the United States.

Mark is a pre-med trained retired medical educator for the Fresno County Health department. He served as a Paramedic for the EMS system of Fresno County for 16 years and ran about 15,000 EMS calls. As an active medical educator, he travels around California, the nation and the world speaking on raw milk medical applications and safety. He is also an active private pilot flying from the farms dirt runway as he travels to present to groups of people that are searching for more information about raw milk. The “Share the Secret” Raw Milk presentations have become extremely popular as he reaches out and consumers “get to know their farmer and the source of their healing food”. Mark has been a guest speaker at Stanford University, UCLA, several Canadian universities, CAL TECH, Rutgers and works with researchers and doctors to expand their tools to effectively heal their patients using whole foods in their expanding practice of complementary medicine.

Mark is also an active mission pilot for LIGA, the flying doctors of Mercy where he transports doctors and participates in clinics in remote underserved areas of Western Mexico.

Mark is the founding director and Chairman of the Board of Raw Milk Institute. The institute is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching farmers and consumers about safe raw milk production and consumption. RAWMI reduces the confusion about how to write a food safety program and how to implement its elements – whether the farmer milks 1 cow, or 500.

Mark is a board member of the California Dairy Campaign and is also a board member of the California Farmers Union. Since 2012, Mark has been elected every year as a delegate to represent all of California agriculture to the National Farmers Union convention where national agricultural policy is debated and created. After a year of testing and research, in March 2015, Mark and the team at OPDC introduced the first ever “ Raw Milk Test & Hold” program using advanced rapid testing technologies to confirm product safety before release for consumption.

He has been married to Blaine McAfee (BSRN and MSRN in nursing education Labor & Delivery) for 34 years with two children Aaron 31 and Kaleigh 27. Both are married each giving Mark and Blaine six healthy raw milk drinking grandkids.