I had an interesting experience with a client several months ago.

Here’s what happened…

I did a consultation with this woman named, Kara.

(Now, before I work with someone one-on-one, I always do a consultation first because I want to make sure that they’re a good fit for my coaching program and that I’m the right coach for them.)

So at the end of the consultation, Kara said she wanted to work with me.

In fact, she said was REALLY excited about it! She told me that she had been receiving my emails for over a year and felt like it was finally the right time to sign up for coaching.

And I was also really excited too because I thought she was a perfect fit for my program.

So after our call I sent her the information to sign up and make payment. I told her as soon as I heard back from her we’d get started A.S.A.P.

So the rest of the day goes by, and I don’t hear from her.

The next day goes by. No word.

A couple days turn into a week. Still nothing.

So I sent her an email just to check in and make sure she received everything she needed to sign up.

She replied right away telling me that she did receive everything, but she was really busy and that she’d sign up soon.

But another week went by and she still hadn’t signed up.

So now I’m thinking… 

Did she change her mind? Did she decide my program isn’t what she wants? Was she just pretending to be interested in working with me to be nice to my face? 

I didn’t know what was going on, and I kinda felt rejected. I assumed at that point that she was just politely blowing me off.

And just when I thought it was time to move on, I received her payment in the mail that same day.

It wasn’t until several months after working together that I learned the REAL reason why Kara delayed signing up.

It actually came out when I did a video interview with her to be featured on the Better Beyond 50 blog as the Client of the Month.

Here’s what she confessed…

Right after our call she was really pumped up and she felt like working with me would give her the plan and guidance she needed to achieve the health goals she’d been struggling to accomplish on her own.

So right after our consultation she took out her checkbook, wrote the check and planned to mail it to me the next day after work.

But when it came time to mail the check the following day, her excitement faded because self-doubt kicked in and that sabotaging voice in her head was trying to talk her out of it…

Am I really ready to make changes in my life?

How much change do I really want to make?

I’ve done so many things before— how will this time be different?

So she held onto her signed check and debated with herself.

Her co-workers (one of whom had recommended me), kept asking “Did you sign up with Melissa yet?!”

They kept telling her to just put the darn check in the mail and stop delaying the opportunity to get started on a new healthy path.

So Kara thought more about it…

She knew that she needed to do something very different than she’d ever done before. She knew that if she kept doing what she’d always done she’d keep getting the same results.

She knew that making a decision that supports her long-term health can’t be the wrong decision.

She knew that if she didn’t take action now no one was going to do it for her and she wasn’t going to feel any better—in fact, she’d probably feel worse.

So after two weeks of sitting on the fence, she finally jumped off.

Does she regret investing that money in her health? Nope!

Because it’s not only SAVING her money in the long run, she feels better than she has in a very long time…

* Her blood pressure is down to 112/70. (Before working with me she wasn’t able to get her blood pressure down this low even with medication. Now her blood pressure is the best it’s ever been.)

* She’s down 15 pounds, and she actually looks forward to buying new clothes instead of dreading it.

* She no longer needs to take daily heartburn and acid reflux medication.

* She’s sleeping great. She wakes up every day without an alarm and no longer needs coffee to feel alert in the morning.

* She doesn’t have daily brain fog anymore.

Do you want help achieving results like these?

Well, here’s your chance.

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I can’t wait to talk with you about your health goals and how I can help you achieve them.

~ Melissa

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