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Discover the hidden root cause of low energy, poor sleep and weight gain for women and the
Holistic Lifestyle Plan resetting their bodies to regain energy, sleep better & lose weight naturally.

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  • 64% of women in the US are considered overweight.
  • Americans are spending over $65 billion per year on weight loss programs.
  • 95% of dieters regain the weight they lost within 1 year.

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  • How to reset the 3 key hormones that are blocking your body from getting healthy and losing weight after 50.
  • Why the things you’ve done before like dieting (i.e. food restriction, portion control and calorie counting) and exercising more no longer work. (Well, the truth is, they never really worked – they just gave you temporary results in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.)
  • Why losing weight doesn’t = getting healthy.  (And why you MUST get healthy first to lose the weight naturally and keep it off permanently.)
  • The 4-Step Holistic Lifestyle System that hundreds of Better Beyond 50 members are using to reset their bodies so they can boost energy levels, sleep through the night and lose excess weight safely and easily.
  • And so much more!

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Melissa Koerner on beach on stability ball better beyond 50

Melissa Koerner is a Nutrition, Fitness and Integrative Medicine Health Coach and the founder of the BB50 8-Week Holistic Health Program, a natural and sustainable plan for boosting energy, sleeping better and losing weight.  Over the last 10+ years Melissa has helped hundreds of women increase their energy levels, improve their sleep quality and achieve their goal weight, losing anywhere from 10 pounds to more than 60 pounds.

A program and community like no other, the BB50 8-Week Holistic Health Program provides women with a practical lifestyle plan and support system that uses the latest integrative medicine tools to help you get to the underlying root cause of your health and weight issues and reset your body, so you can naturally gain more energy, have restful sleep and let go of fat safely, easily and permanently.

Get Free Access To This Health & Weight Loss Masterclass April 30th

Discover a holistic, natural and sustainable health & weight loss plan for women to regain energy, sleep better and lose weight naturally. Sign up now to save your seat.