Today I want to share a heartfelt and very inspiring story about a woman who joined Better Beyond 50 and the changes she’s made in her life, relationships and body since joining our community almost a year ago.

One thing I’m certain about is that I give our BB50 members the support, structure and plan they need to create lasting changes in their lives. But it’s up to them to show up, be all in, and do the work.

And boy did Sandy do the work! Despite her fears, she dove in and embraced our holistic approach to health and weight loss with total dedication.

Sandy is a loving mom and grandmother, a passionate gardener, and a busy woman, just like you. And she never thought that any of this was possible for her, especially since she had tried every diet out there with NO success.

Now I’ll turn it over to Sandy, our Member of the Month. I hope her story inspires you like it inspires me!

When I think about Better Beyond 50, and what it means to me today, I think transforming! My life has been transformed by Better Beyond 50 from the first day I joined.

But I couldn’t say that about my life a year ago.

I was depressed, disgusted with myself, I isolated myself from everyone around me including my husband and my family.

I weighed 298 lbs, I was sick and tired all of the time, I had been diagnosed over the years with a myriad of illnesses including Diabetes Type 2, High Blood Pressure, Coronary Heart Disease, Recurring Acute Pancreatitis, and a variety of other illness, aches and pains. I NO energy. I had suffered through insomnia so I wasn’t sleeping well. I had an emotional eating problem and a huge sense of unworthiness to be alive. What added to my daily stress was a demanding full time job and an average commute of 3 hours a day so no time for myself either.

I had tried many diets, just about every diet out there since the 70’s, with no long-term success of any kind. I blamed myself for having no will power and not enough sense to make the changes I needed to make. I was an utter failure! In November 2015, I had all but given up with no hope.

I was literally waiting to die, which at this point I knew at the rate I was going was going to be sooner than later.

One day last November, I ran across an ad for Better Beyond 50. I gave it a cursory glance and moved on, but moments later went back to the ad. I read through the ad and watched the free training videos. I knew this was something different right away but was reluctant to spend any more money for another weight loss program. But the phrase this was a something different kept my attention.   A handful of days later and many endless hours of thinking about it, I decided to take the plunge. I mean at this point what did I have to lose, spend some money and see what happened, Right?

The minute I received my BB50 modules, I dove in and started my new lifestyle journey. I started eating healthier, I started changing my negative thinking patterns and adopting new thoughts. Within a week or so, I started noticing differences, such as having more energy and feeling physically and emotionally better. I started doing housework with the music playing and dancing around the house. This in itself was so unlike me, but I had all this energy and I had to do something with it!   I was feeling IT like I never have before! Suddenly, I was feeling a zest for life like I can’t remember ever having and I was loving it!

Now, 9 months later, I have lost 60 pounds and 25 inches overall from my body. Recently, I was looking to buy a new bra because the ones I had were getting too big. I was looking for a size I wore before, and to my utter surprise and delight, I went from a bra size of 46 to 42. I wore a size 26 in pant and dress size and 3x for everything else and I was startled to realize that I wore a smaller size in everything I tried on. I just couldn’t resist the urge to try on clothes even though I wasn’t shopping for them. I went home and tried on a pair of jeans, a size 22 without elastic in the waist that I had bought about 6 years ago with the promise to myself that I would wear them soon… and now I can wear them comfortably. I hadn’t worn a pair of jeans in I forget how many years. And here I was wearing jeans. For me this was huge!

Melissa Koerner, founder of Better Beyond 50, not only teaches us how to properly nourish our bodies, implement movement, stress management, sleep and happiness but also guides us to learn about our bodies and lives in such a way that we can discover our best selves!

Through this journey, I discovered so much about myself; my dreams, my values and most importantly that I really like who I am and what I am discovering about myself through this journey.

I am physically stronger, I can walk and stand WITHOUT LEANING for support. My blood pressure has improved immensely (and I’m now off my medications), my Diabetes is controlled WITHOUT medications, my blood sugars in the morning are running below 120.

I haven’t reached my end goals yet, but I am well on my way through this journey to living a quality life like I never have before. I discovered through this program to go slow and steady for sustainable changes as I am not in a race. Just as importantly is that I don’t have to be perfect through the process! There is no failure but learning experiences.

My relationship with my husband has been renewed and we are closer than ever. His love and support through this process has been a gift, and after rejecting him for so long it amazes me. I am much more engaged in our relationship and not a day goes by that we don’t express our love for each.

I have two grown sons and one granddaughter. I have always been so proud to call them my sons and but they have not always been proud of me as their mother, and now I feel that changing for the better. They love me but I sensed their embarrassment of me, and now that is changing. As for my granddaughter, I have more stamina to keep up with that very active little girl who keeps me moving constantly. We went on a long bike ride one day about a month ago. We were gone a couple of hours, and I was amazed that I could actually keep up with her! A year ago, this was not possible, as I hadn’t ridden my bike in quite a while.

My dreams and goals are within reach, and I have hope of reaching those and creating more. I am so grateful to Melissa Koerner and Better Beyond 50 for this journey! Better Beyond 50 has been a life changer for me, and I have NOT ONE REGRET!

The same transformation is possible for you.

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I hope my free training helps you like it has helped Sandy and hundreds of other Better Beyond 50 members!

Your coach,

~ Melissa